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The island of Socotra belongs to Yemen and is located in the Indian Ocean. It measures approximately 130 by 40 km and its population counts about 35.000 inhabitants. They have their own language and culture, but they speak the Arab language of Yemen as well. As Socotra has been isolated for a very long time from the rest of the world, it is one of the most fascinating places on earth today. The coastal areas are inhabited by fishermen of African origin whereas in the wadis and mountains Nomads of Arab origin live.The untouched nature is breathtaking with its unique geology, flora and fauna. Plants and animals can be discovered which are not found anywhere else in the world.

Socotra Island

One of the most beautiful islands on earth.

All trips in Socotra start from Hadibo, the only town on the island where you can find a few simple hotels (funduks).

If you travel on the island you normally spend the nights camping in beautiful and special places, mostly close to the beach.

A driver with a four wheel drive and a guide are essential to discover Socotra.

The best period to visit Yemen mainland and Socotra is from the beginning of September until mid-May. If you are very interested in plants and birds February is the perfect month for travelling. It is spring in Socotra and the bottletrees are in full bloom and everything is green. As there is no high wind then, it is ideal for birdwatching (e.g. Egyptian vulture, cormorants and many endemic birds can be seen). Socotra´s underwater world is certainly worth being discovered by snorkelling and diving.

There are several flights per week to Socotra both from Sana`a and from Aden. All flights are via Mukalla.

A combination of travelling in the mainland of Yemen and on the island of Socotra is an exciting and special adventure. Our agency is pleased to organise the entire journey for you.

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