Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don't hesitate to contact us.


Are we allowed to drink alcohol in Yemen?
Yemen is a muslim country and to drink alcohol is against the law in Yemen. If one has alcohol, it should not be drunk in front of the guides and the drivers.
Can we go swimming, snorkelling and diving in Socotra?
Snorkelling and swimming is arranged during your tour. Diving has to be organised separately, but of course it is possible.
How should a woman dress in Yemen?
Women should wear loose clothing which does not reveal the shape of their bodies. A headscarf is appreciated.
How should a man dress in Yemen?
Men should wear knee-length trousers. Neither shirts nor trousers should be too tight to the body.
What is the elctricity output in Yemen, is there a need of using an adaptor?
In Yemen the output is 224 watt and the sockets are European style.
Can we have our own itinerary created by your agency?
Yes, we are pleased to adjust the itinerary according to your wishes. Please keep in mind that there might be requests which are not possible to be fulfilled.


When is a good time to visit Yemen?
The best period to visit Yemen is from September until mid-May. Between mid-May and August it can be very hot and rainy.
When is the best time to travel to Socotra?
It is best to visit the island of Socotra between September and mid-May.

administrative formalities

How do we get our visa?
Our agency can organise the visa for you. Please e-mail us a coloured copy of your passport in high resolutionand send 80US dollars by Western Union. We then take your passport copy tothe Ministry ofImmigrationand ask forthe issue of your visa. A copy of your visa willbe sent to you by e-mail and the original willbe kept at theairport(visa desk).Upon your arrival it will be handedover to you and someone fromYTT will be thereas well to welcome you and take you on your trip.
Do we need a travel permit for our trip through Yemen?
Yes, a travel permit is required and will be organised by our agency. Therefore we need the number of participants and their names.


Do you accept credit cards?
Unfortunately our agency cannot accept credit cards. We accept a down payment via bank transfer to our account and the outstanding balance to be paid in cash upon arrival.
How can we exchange money in Yemen?
In all big cities in Yemen you find many exchange stores that sell and buy currency.
Do we pay in Euros or in US$?
Our agency accepts both Euros and US$.
Are there ATM´s in Yemen?
Yes, in the bigger cities you can find ATM´s and withdraw money from them.

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