Noman Al Arasi

Founder of Yemen Trek Tours
Noman started as a professional freelance mountain guide at the age of 15 and has worked for several European travel organizations ever since. In August 2006 he established his own travel agency called Yemen Trek Tours in Sana´a where he has a team of very skilled co-workers.
“Keep moving forward and never stop.”
Noman’s Philosophy
Founder & Personal Trainer



Noman co-operates with tour operators / travel agencies in Germany, France, Australia, Turkey, Czech Republic, UK and Russia. Noman has spent many months in France to specialize his skills in mountaineering and paragliding. The latter is a sport virtually unknown in Yemen. As well he has been to Germany and Belgium for several months and got a good insight into the European culture.


Noman speaks English well and French fluently, Germany and has a broad knowledge about the history of Yemen. He grew up in the Haraz Mountains in a place called Al-Hajjara, a small village located close to Manakha. He spent part of his time mapping the trails of remote places in the various mountains and created his own maps for professional tour planning. He knows all the different regions of Yemen inside out.


If you are interested in discovering Yemen, Noman and his team are pleased to show you the entire country. They will take you to places only a handful of foreigners have managed to reach. They will show you the vast diversity of Yemen`s landscapes and you will have the possibility to meet the welcoming and warmhearted Yemeni people throughout your trip. You will get to know and understand the culture and history of the beautiful country Yemen in the Middle East.


  • For paragliders, rock climbers and mountainbikers Noman creates programs in the most magnificent and untouched areas throughout Yemen.
  • Yemen. As he perfoms paragliding himself, he knows which regions are best.
  • Unfortunately, Noman can neither supply paragliding equipment nor mountainbikes as these sports are still in their very early stages in Yemen.

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