Yemen Trek Tours is not only specialized in treks but also in classical tours. If you do not like trekking or if you are not allowed to trek due to health reasons, you are most welcome to discover all the interesting sites throughout Yemen by comfortable and modern four wheel drive. Of course, you can combine some days of trekking with some days of sightseeing by car and some days relaxing on the beach (Red Sea and Indian Ocean). Take your choice!!


If you are interested in exploring the country, please do not hesitate to contact our agency for information. It is our pleasure to help you with your planning so you can enjoy your travelling to the fullest.


We also offer great trips for mountainbiking, rock climbing and paragliding. However, the equipment has to be organised by the participants.


Please find below only few examples of the tours we offer. Being a travel agent whose highest aim it is to assure that your special wishes are fulfilled and that you will leave Yemen with lasting reminiscence of your journey with us, we are pleased to create your individual itinerary.





10 days trek & classic


Sanaá - Jebel Haraz – Red Sea – Taiz – Ibb – Sanaá


10 days classic


Sanaá – Hajja – Red Sea – Taiz – Ibb – Thula – At Tawila – Al Mahwit – Jebel Haraz – Sanaá


10 days "de luxe" (luxury hotels)


Sanaà - Hajja - Red Sea - Taiz - Ibb - Hadramout - Wadi Doan - Sanaá




14 days classic


Sanaá - Hadramout - Wadi Doan - Aden - Taiz - Jebel Haraz - Sanaá



5 days Socotra

Sanaà - Hadibo - Dihamri - Arrarr - Homhill - Wadi Difarhu - Amak Beach - Dixam - Wadi Dirrharr - Qalansiah/Detwah Lagoon - Shaáb island - Mushtal Adib - Hadibo - Sanaà

10 days Socotra (4 days camel trek)


Sanaà - Hadibo - Wadi Ayaft - Deleisha Beach - Wadi Dinaghen - Hagher Mountain - Wadi Dasaqlah - Wadi Daazhz - Wadi Darhu - Firmin - Wadi Dirrharr - Dixam - Amak Beach - Dagub Cave - Hayf - Wadi Difarhu - Homhill - Wadi Shifa - Arrarr - Qalansiah/Detwah Lagoon - Sha`ab island - Hadibo - Sanaà

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