10 days Socotra (4 days camel trek)


Sanaà - Hadibo - Wadi Ayaft - Deleisha Beach - Wadi Dinaghen - Hagher Mountain - Wadi Dasaqlah - Wadi Daazhz - Wadi Darhu - Firmin - Wadi Dirrharr - Dixam - Amak Beach - Dagub Cave - Hayf - Wadi Difarhu - Homhill - Wadi Shifa - Arrarr - Qalansiah/Detwah Lagoon - Sha`ab island - Hadibo - Sanaà


Day 1: transfer to the airport in Sanaá. Flight to Socotra early in the morning. Transfer to Hadibo, the capital of the island. We will check-in at the hotel. Then we will drive to  Ayhaft canyon - trek for two hours. Ayhaft  has a great density of plant life and a beautiful natural swimming-pool. In the afternoon we visit the Deleisha coast which is set against a beautiful mountainous background. You can relax on the beach of pristine white sand and swim,  both in the sea and in the freshwater lagoon. You may witness a beautiful sunset from Deleisha. Return to  the hotel in Hadibo.


Day 2: Hadibo -  Wadi Dinaghen - Hagher Mountain.  After breakfast we will make our way by 4 wheel drive to Wadi Dinaghen which is situated near Hadibo. There we will meet our cameleer. It is our starting point to the highest mountain of the island - seven hours trekking (Hagher mountain 1500m). Camping at Hagher Mountain.


Day 3: Hagher Mountain - Wadi Dasaqlah - Wadi Daazhz. Breakfast will be served early and we will then walk down to Wadi Dasaqlah - trekking  for seven hours. You will see many green mountains around and fresh water down in the Wadi. We continue to Wadi Daazhz where we will camp close to a fresh water source.


Day 4: Wadi Daazhz - Wadi Darhu. After breakfast we will continue our trek to Wadi Darhu, a canyon with unusual and beautiful rock formations. Camping in Wadi Darhu.


Day 5: Firmin - Wadi Dirharr. Breakfast will be served early. We will hike up  to Firmin, a forest of dragonblood trees where you will have many  beautiful views. Our cameleer  will  guide us down to Wadi Dirharr, a canyon with more beautiful rock formations. If you wish, you can go swimming in the natural swimming-pool. Our car is waiting for you in Wadi Dirharr. Camping.


Day 6: Wadi Dirharr - Dixam plateau - Nugud plain - Amak Beach (south coast). After breakfast we will make our way to the Dixam plateau and the Shebahon viewpoint by 4 wheel drives. The area is renowned for its endemic dragonblood trees. It`s raisin is collected and traded by the people of Socotra.  The area is also home to the endemic and extremely rare Socotra bunting (estimated at 1000). We then continue driving to Amak Beach, located on the south coast. It is ideal  for swimming, walking, sunbathing and relaxing. Camping at Amak Beach.


Day 7: Dogub cave - Hayf - Wadi Difarhu - Homhill. After breakfast we will start our  trip to Dagub cave, which is very interesting as there are many stalactites and stalagmites. We witness the colossal sand dunes of Hayf and Zaheq which have been pushed up against the mountain by the seasonal wind of Socotra. You can climb the sand dunes for a view that is certainly worth the effort. Then we will drive to Wadi Difarhu for a quick lunch in the wadi, near the fresh water. Being saturated we will go on to Homhill Protected Area. On our way we can see traditional villages and natural pools at the bottom of the canyon. The unusual desert rose tree clings to different spots on the canyon walls. The vegetation here is a lush green and there are many different birds and frankincense trees to be found. We carry on to the natural zone of Homhill. There we can walk on various mountainous trails. One of them will lead us to a natural swimming-pool. If we are lucky we will find water there. We will reach a beautiful viewpoint over villages, plants and the sea. Homhill is home to many  dragonblood trees. We will also have a close look at the forest of frankincense trees which are prevalent in this area. Camping at Homhill.


Day 8: Homhill - Wadi Shifa - Arrarr - Qalansiah (Detwah Lagoon). After breakfast we will hike to Wadi Shifa, taking in the lovely valley scenery followed by vast views over the sea and over Wadi Shifa (1,5 hrs walking ). We will then drive to Dedam cave, a small cave where we will take a quick lunch. Afterwards we drive to the northeast coast of the island, to Arrarr. Here the fresh water from the mountains and the salt water from the sea flow together. Arrarr is also home to another magnificent sand dune. You can enjoy the rest of the day swimming and exploring this wonderful location. If  you are in good shape, you can climb the huge sand dune, from where you have a fantastic view. At around 3:00 PM we will drive to Qalansia Protected Area (Detwah Lagoon). Camping in Qalansiah at Detwah Lagoon.


Day 9: Qalansiah (Detwah Lagoon) -  Sha`ab Beach. Breakfast will be served around 6:00 AM. We will take a traditional fishing boat to the pristine beach of Sha`ab. On our way we will see beautiful rock cliffs, fishermen and perhaps cormorants and if we are lucky: dolphins. There are also mangrove trees on this beach and you can go for a relaxing swim.  Returning from our boat trip,  we will have lunch at Detwah Lagoon. After that we will drive back to the hotel in Hadibo.


Day 10: flight back from Socotra to Sana’a.