Socotra-trekking (8 days)


Sanaà - Hadibo - Wadi Ayhaft - Deleisha Beach - Sakara - Homhill - Dihamri - Rosh Beaches - Qalansiah/Detwah Lagoon - Dixim - Wadi Dirrharr - Nogud - Amak Beach - Wadi Al Shifa - Mushtal Adib - Hadibo - Sanaà


Day 1: transfer to Sanaá airport for the flight Sana'a – Socotra early in the morning. Transfer from the airport to Hadibo - Wadi Ayhaft – Deleisha Beach. Camping

Day 2: Deleisha – Hok Cave – Sakara – Homhill. We walk for 2 to 3 hrs passing through a natural garden full of dragonblood- and bottletrees. From the mountain´s top we have a breathtaking panorama over the ocean. Camping

Day 3: Homhill – Dihamri & Rosh Beaches, a maritime nature reserve on the coast of the Indian Ocean. There you find the most extended coral-reef. While snorkelling you discover a magnificient underwater world. Please do not touch anything because it causes irreversible damage. 2 to 3 hrs trek. Camping

Day 4: Hadibo – Detwah Lagoon – Qalansiah Beach. 2 to 3 hrs trek. Qalansiah is a little fishing-village with traditional houses and narrow alleys. Detwah Lagoon is a nature reserve known by its unbelievable beauty. Here you can see stingrays which means to take good care when swimming. The lagoon is as well home to various species of maritime birds. Camping

Day 5: Qalansiah – Dixam region – Wadi Dirharr. 2 to 3 hrs trek. In the nature reserve of Dixam you see an immense number of dragonblood trees which leave you astonished by their beauty. In Wadi Dirrharr you can take a bath in a natural hammam with clear and refreshing water. It is a wonderful place to relax. Camping

Day 6: Wadi Dirharr – Nawgad region – Dagub Cave – Amak Beach. 2 to 3 hrs trek. Camping

Day 7: Amak Beach – Wadi Al Shifa – Mushtal Adib. The very friendly and kind owner has a wonderful garden where he cultivates all endemic plants of Socotra. The camping ground where we can spend the night is on the opposite side of the garden located on the sea. The place is created and kept affectionately by the owner´s family. They prepare great dishes for you! It is your choice to stay overnight here or in a hotel in Hadibo.

Day 8: transfer to the airport in the morning. Flight Socotra – Sanaá.