Sanaà – Hajja – Kawkaban – Al Mahwit – Jebel Haraz – Red Sea – Taiz – Ibb – Radda – Dhamar - Sanaà

Day 1: arrival Sanaá airport. Transfer to the hotel in the old town.


Day 2: visit of Sanaá (the souk ,etc.). Hotel.


Day 3: Sana'a – Amran by 4 wheel drive. Amran and Thula are examples of mountain villages with beautiful architecture. Tall houses are built from ochre sandstone and decorated with wonderful ornaments. Then 4hrs by bike: Amran – Tarig – Al Ashmur – Kohlan – Hajja (2.400m). Hotel

Kohlan (2.500m) sits on the mountainside with its stone houses and looks over terraced fields. The Affar citadel is one of the most fortified ancient citadels in Yemen.


Day 4: 7-8hrs by bike: Hajja – Al Tachajen – Maswar Hajja – Bait Edaga – Thula (2.600m). Thula is situated at the mountain´s foot and is surmounted by an old fort. We continue by 4 wheel drive form Thula (2.600m) to Hababa – Shibam (2.450m) – Kawkaban (2.900 m). Funduk


Day 5: 8hrs by bike: Kawkaban – Zakatin (3.000 m) – Bokhur (3.100m), the famous staggering rock (3.100m) which is hanging into the void and gives you the chance of a breathtaking panorama – At Tawila (2.700m) – Chuba – Jebel Honum – Al Mutlal (2.400m)– Al Mahwit. Hotel


Day 6: 5hrs by bike from Al Mahwit – Arrayadi – Wadi Sara. In Wadi Sara (800 m) we find an absolutely different vegetation which is rich of banana-, mango-, and papaya-trees. We ride on to Khamis Banisad before we head for our final destination of the day by 4 wheel drive: Manakha (2.200m), the centre and capital of Jebel Haraz. Hotel with traditional music and dance


Day 7: 7-8hrs by bike in Jebel Haraz: Manakha – Azeyah (2.000m) – Assharga (2.100m) – Al Hoteib (2400m) – Al Jebel – Kahel (2.700m) – Manakha – Al Hajjara (2300m). Funduk


Day 8: 8hrs by bike: Al Hajjara – Manakha – Beni Mora – Darein – Jebel Shugruf – Arjass – Manakha. Hotel


Day 9: 4hrs by bike from Manakha to Bajil. Then by 4 wheel drive to Bait Al Faqui (it has the biggest market in Yemen every friday and is renowned for manual cotton-weaving) – Zabid (one of the oldest university towns in the world and preserved as World Heritage Site by UNESCO) – Wadi Zabid – Al Khawkha (Red Sea). Hotel situated right on the Red Sea.


Day 10: by 4 wheel drive from Al Khawkha – Mokha – Taiz. Hotel


Day 11: 7hrs by bike: Taiz – Al Hodein. By 4 wheel drive we continue to Ibb, where we spend the night. Hotel.

Ibb has preserved its typical yemeni-style houses in an intact way and lies in the Yemen Highlands on a spur of the rugged Mount Shamahi at 2.500m. The city´s origins, according to arab myth, date to biblical times


Day 12: 8hrs by bike: Ibb – Disufal - Hamam Damt, a natural hammam. Hot volcanic sources are the reason for Hammam Damt´s celebrity. Then we carry on to Radda (2.200m) by 4 wheel drive. Hotel


Day 13: by 4 wheel drive from Radda – Dhamar – Sana'a. Hotel and free afternoon to visit the old town again.


Dhamar is a city in southwestern Yemen (2.400m) and it is home to the largest university in Yemen. Dhamar was one of the most famous Arabic and Islamic culture and scientific centres in Yemen. Its Great Mosque is considered an ancient Islamic mosque which was built in the period of the caliph Abi-Bakr Al Sadeek. In past times the people of Dhamar were famous for bringing up horses. However, the town is still famous for its numerous mosques and schools, which are distinguished by their beautiful characteristic architecture in harmony with the colors of its volcano land.


Day 14: 3-4hrs by bike from Sana'a to visit Wadi Dhar, Imam Yahya´s summer palace placed high on top of a rock, and return to Sanaá where you have the afternoon free again for shopping etc.. Hotel


Day 15: transfer to the airport. Departure