14 days classic


Sanaá - Hadramout - Wadi Doan - Aden - Taiz - Jebel Haraz - Sanaá



day 1: arrival at Sanaá (2.300m) airport. Transfer to the hotel located in the old town.


day 2: visit of the old town, souk etc.. Hotel


day 3: flight from Sanaà to Seyun, the capital of WADI HADRAMOUT. Hotel. Visit of Shibam in the afternoon. This city is also called the Manhattan of the desert with its mud-brick skyscrapers. It is a wonderful location for watching the sunset. In the evening return to the hotel in Seyun.


day 4: Seyun (641m) (the Sultan`s Palace) – Tarim. Tarim is an important historical site for Islam. Many manuscripts have been collected and are studied in the Al-Ahqaf library of this modest town. The architecture is also significant for its blending of east Asian and Yemen. We continue to Al Hajjerein and Sif (3 hour-drive). Camping at Al Jool, the mountain`s plateau with a breathtaking view on the Wadi Doan (1.500m)


day 5: Al Jool - Al Khoreiba – Bukjan – Mukalla (21m) (2.5 hour-drive). Hotel


day 6: Mukalla with its beautiful white houses is an important port on the Indian Ocean and it is the capital of the region HADRAMOUT which is a province in South Yemen. Hadramout is a spectacular lush and fertile spot. It has its own music and its own style of almost everything. Colours are brightand the food is spicy. There are pre-islamic ruins and ancient mosques abound. We continue to Bir Ali, the most beautiful beach in Yemen on the Indian Ocean (2 hour-drive) and an ancient harbour for the trade of incense. Night in nice little huts on the beach.


day 7: from Bir Ali return to Mukalla to take the flight to Aden (65m) (5 hour-drive). Aden is a city in southern Yemen, a major port on the Red Sea and economic capital of the country. The city is located at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula on 2 small peninsulas of volcanic origin. Hotel


day 8: 3 hr-drive from Aden – Jebel Saber (3.006m) – Taiz (1.400m). From Jebel Saber you have an excellent view over the whole town of Taiz. Hotel


Taiz is a city in the Yemen Highlands near the famous Mocha port on the Red Sea. It is situated at an altitude of 1.400 metres and has a dramatic setting where the roads run up and down the mountain sides. Mountain Saber (3.006m) rises above the city which has many old and beautiful quarters, with houses that are typically built with brown bricks and usually white mosques. There is the old citadel and the governor's palace on top of a mountain above the city centre. Taiz has many road connections with the rest of the country. The city is served by the Taiz International Airport. Coffee, grown in the surrounding landscape together with vegetables and the mild narcotic qat, is the economic base. Among the city's own industries are cotton-weaving, tanning and production of jewellery. Taiz cheese is also renowned throughout Yemen. The city has a madrasa that has status as a university.


day 9: Taiz - Ibb (it has preserved its typical yemeni-style houses in an intact way and lies in the Yemen Highlands on a spur of the rugged Mount Shamahi at 2.500m. The city`s origins, according to arab myth, date to biblical times) - Jiblah, the ancient capital of the "kingdom of Arwa". Return to the hotel in Taiz


day 10: from Taiz we continue to Zabid (85m). Zabid is one of the oldest university towns in the world and preserved as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Our next stop is Bait Al Faqi, with its famous friday market. We then drive to Manakha (2.200m), the capital and centre of the Haraz region (5 hour-drive). Hotel with traditional music and dance.


day 11: 4 hour-trek in Jebel Haraz with wonderful panoramas and villages all along the way. Hotel


day 12: Manakha – Thula (2.600m) – Hababa – Shibam (2.450m) – Kawkaban (2.900m) (3 hour-drive). Funduk.


day 13: Kawkaban – Bokhur (the famous rock 3.100m) – At Tawila (2.700m) - Wadi Dhar (Imam Yahya`s summer palace, located high on a rock) – Sanaá (3 hour-drive). Hotel


day 14: visit of the old town again (depends on time of departure). Transfer to the airport. Departure


During your journey through Yemen you will see many different places, people and landscapes, varying from region to region which you will never forget


Please note: at present (2012) Marib and the road from Bir Ali to Aden are closed for tourists. Therefore we have adapted the itinerary which means taking a flight from Sana`a to Seyun (day 3) and from Mukalla to Aden (day 7)