Honestly saying the truth:

since years my husband and me dreamt to visit the Yemen, but we always were a little bit afraid of it, reading about kidnaping at least once a year. But in April 2006 we decided to let our dream come true, so we went.
From the first day on we were pleasently surprised. We met an openminded and clean country with warmhearted and honest people. Not one moment we felt anxious at any place, even not when walking around alone f.e.through the bazar of Sanaá.
As everybody knows this impression depends a lot on the guide who accompanies you through that country. If he'll be kind and helpfull, everybody (inhabitants of the country as well as guests) will be the same. So it was a great luck for us to meet Noman these days. He made the journey to what it was. He was the best guide in every situation: On our ways through the mountains in the west of Sanaà, he knew every path to make it possible for everyone of us to follow the steep ways. He always took the chance to talk to people in the villages, so that we got the possibility to get in touch with them, too. Coming back to the camp, he was the first running into the kitchen tent not only to assist the cook but to prepare delocious meals. It was a matter of course for him to help everybody in every situation. After a hard days work, he was still full of energy to entertain the group of people as they liked it with yemeniten dances (he might be the best dancer of the Yemen) jokes or other artistic tricks. But Noman also was a good partner for an informative and serious talking about facts or problems of the Yemen. So whenever we'll come back to this wonderfull country (and we will!!!!!!!!) we only will go with Noman. So we hope that not everybody wants to do the same, so that he'll find the time to go with us again.

Thanks a lot Christine and Günther from Germany
June 2007




Très attirés par le Moyen-Orient:

Nous sommes deux Francais vivant en Italie et très attirés par le Moyen-Orient.  
Nous avons été mis en contact avec Noman par une amie qui avait voyagé au Yemen avec lui et qui nous l'a très vivement recommandé. Nous lui en sommes extrêmement reconnaissants car grâce à Noman, nous avons pu découvrir le Yemen dans les meilleures conditions qui soient, car non seulement il a une excellente connaissance de son pays, mais il éprouve aussi pour lui une passion réelle qu'il parvient à transmettre et à partager avec les voyageurs.
Il est en outre d'une très grande gentillesse et disponibilité, et ses conseils sont toujours bien avisés, sans compter ses talents de cuisinier... Nous nous sommes tellement bien sentis en sa compagnie que nous, qui refusons habituellement toute forme de voyage organisé, sommes restés seize jours avec lui au lieu des douze jours prévus au départ car nous avions vraiment envie de continuer à découvrir ce pays à travers ses yeux.
Je tiens également à dire que Noman est d'une discrétion et d'une correction exemplaires, et qu'il a une si fine connaissance du Yemen qu'il sait parfaitement doser les itinéraires qu'il propose en fonction des goûts et des aspirations de chacun. Bon voyage à tous, je vous envie déjà!

Gabrielle Gamberini
Mai 2007




Trekking in the Haraz Mountains:

Noman doesn't speak about what he doesn't know, doesn't go where he doesn't know. He is quiet and can speak fluent French. He knows France and our way of life so he knows what we expect him to do.
Noman is a reliable person and you feel safe with him even in the middle of nowhere. He thinks twice and doesn't forget what you could have forgotten in your luggage ( compeed for sore feet, warm clothes if you don't have any ). He can adjust very quickly and doesn't mind trekking with a mountain-bike instead of walking (that's what he did with my husband in 2001 with the bikes we had brought from France! And it was good fun). Noman is not just a guide; he is a guide and a friend. Time is your time; not the time other guides need to chew qat , the institution in Yemen. He knows exactly what you need if you spend a few days outside : tents, food, cooking gear... Noman is young , that means he is ready to adjust to the people he is with, he does things the way he thinks is the best for trekkers and not only for himself. Noman is aware he can learn from us and we should keep in mind we can learn a lot from him and from yemeni culture because he is very open and ready to listen. If you are very fit and sporty, he will make it the best for you but he won't mind slowing down if you ask him to do so (according to the time you have ).

Emmanuele Poirier
February 2003





I spend my holidays in Yemen during Ramadan and met Noman in the Funduq of Al Hajjara. For one week I walked with him everyday from the early morning to the evening in the marvallous area of the Haraz. Noman is an excelent mountain guide. I can recommend him to any serious mountain walker. He's very flexible, speaks english, french and knows the ins and outs of trekking in the Haraz mountains.

Marit Pietsch
December 2002
Frankfurt , Germany




Haraz Mountains:

I've trekked with Noman in the Haraz mountains for a few days in 2000. Also I've met Noman several times in France and walked with him in the Haute-Loire. (Auvergne) To my opinion Noman is an excelent guide. He's sensitive to what people in his group experience and anticipates on personal circumstances. Noman knows what it's like to travel and therefore can relate to what travellers in general experience. I can highly recommend Noman to anyone who's serious about trekking in the Haraz mountains. He's highly reliable and goes to great lengths to make your travels in Yemen a lasting and remarkable experience.

Janine Lucas
February 2003, The Netherlands




Maria Rita Perret, France ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ): trek au Yémen, Novembre 2008

Merci Noman pour le super trek que tu nous as organisé dans le montagnes de ton Pays!Nous avons passé 2 semaines pleines d'images et d'emotions...! Merci aussi à notre guide Fares,qui nous as accompagnés tout le long de notre périple avec compétence, humour et patience!! Merci aussi à Abdul notre chauffeur et cuisinier qui nous as conduit et nourrits pdt 15 jours! Merci aux femmes yéménites qui nous ont ouvert les portes de leurs maisons et offert du thé et café. Merci aux enfants pour leurs sourires, qui resteront à jamais graver dans nos memoires. Defendant le Yemen contre les medias, ce pays et ce peuple si accueillant, le mérite! Le Yémen n'est pas un Pays plus à risque qu´ un autre! a bientôt!! maria rita perret-la ciotat france.



Décembre 2008

Nous avons passé 3 semaines au Yémen dont une à Socotra. Ballade, trek et parapente. Des paysages magnifiques, des Yéménites accueillants, pleins de bonnes choses et de surprises que l'on a découvert en sillonnant le pays du nord au sud. Ce pays souffre d'une mauvaise image, mais nous avons fait confiance à Noman et à son équipe (Ali, Mohammed alias Afroutt...) et nous avons bien fait !Les civils du pays sont maintenant désarmés, mais il existe encore de nombreux postes de l'armée qui nécessitent des autorisations pour passer. Bien qu'il ne soit plus nécessaire d'avoir recours à une agence de voyages pour circuler, il est cependant fortement conseillé d'avoir un guide et/ou un chauffeur pour s'éviter de perdre temps et de l'argent.Nous n'avons eu aucune galère et nous en garderons que des bons souvenirs.




Dena, USA (   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ): Socotra and Yemeni Mountains


I and three other girls from the USA recently traveled to Yemen for Holiday (december 2008). We would like to thank our guides Noman, his brother Jalal, and Ahmed and Rial so much for a truly wonderful time!  In our nine day trip we are able to visit and trek in many villages in the breathtaking Haraz Mountains as well as explore all sides of Socotra Island. Yemen is even more beautiful and the people more kind than we imagined and we were very sad to leave.  We felt very welcomed and comfortable traveling in Yemen and we really loved every part of the tour and the kindness and thoughtfulness of the guides at Yemen Trek made this one of my favorite trips.  We appreciated Noman’s attentiveness and friendship throughout the trip and it is something we will also remember.  I know we will certainly be back to visit again one day




Torrey, USA: thank you Noman and Yemen Trek, December 2008 

My three friends and I just returned from a 8 day adventure in Yemen with Noman and his crew... it was great!!! Noman was very attentive and made sure we were able to do everything we could possibly fit in our time there... it made a busy but very interesting adventure! Our schedule was very well planned, and Noman and his staff took very good care of us.  We also went to Soqotra for 3 days, and that was amazing as well!  Thanks Noman for an incredible experience, and hope to return soon!!



Heather Goodman, USA - October 2008

We were a group of four women from four different countries who used Yemen Trek Tours for a week's holiday in Yemen in mid October 2008. From the moment we first made inquiries to the time we were dropped off at the airport Noman, Ali our guide and Wajdi our driver couldn't have been more professional, helpful and friendly. Our tour was tailor made to include our request for some walking every day whilst still seeing as many of the sights as possible.We had a great time and want to go back again because there is just so much to see in this beautiful country. We have no hesitation in recommending Yemen Trek Tours to anyone who is interested in travelling to Yemen. 



Winston Tilghman, USA (   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ):South Yemen and Haraz Mountains in June 2009


Like many others who have written here, I had dreamed of going to Yemen for many years. In May 2009, a friend of mine and I made it happen.  I normally do not take organized tours when I travel, but given the small security concerns in Yemen and the requirement for travel permits and multiple military checkpoints, we decided to go with Noman.  It was a great decision! Noman knows Yemen very well.  He took us to many places off the beaten path and really introduced us to the people and culture of Yemen by taking us to local eateries and stopping to talk to people on the side of the road.  He has a sturdy Toyota Landcruiser of which he takes very good care, and he is an amazing driver (important on Yemen's winding roads through the mountains).  He was very accommodating and made sure that we were always satisfied with the tour.  He also specializes in trekking and is originally from the Haraz Mountains, which is a wonderful place for it, so that was another plus for me.If you are thinking about taking a trip to Yemen, then go!  It is a timeless incredible country with intense natural beauty and centuries-old villages on every hilltop.  The Yemeni people are some of the friendliest and most hospitable people I have met anywhere.  I was mainly in Sana'a, some of the surrounding towns and villages, the Haraz Mountains, and Ta'iz.  There are so many other places to see in Yemen, and hopefully I will get to go to them one day(with Noman of course!).Please visit if you would like to see more photos of Yemen. Despite the recent news of foreigners being killed in the far north of the country, I still feel that Yemen is a very safe and welcoming country in most areas and highly recommend going there for a visit. With Noman and Yemen Trek Tours, you will be in good hand.Winston (U.S.A)



Richard Dey ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) Haraz Mountain Trekking & Wadi Dhahr, December 2008


Joining Noman's Trekking Tour Company for a 5 day trek in the Haraz Mountains at the beginning of my 3 weeks solo backpacking around Yemen turned out to be the perfect way to start my Yemen Adventure. My guide Ali and driver/cook Abdul-Kareem were fantastic and it soon felt like I was travelling with very close friends. They both made every effort to cater to the hiking experiences and contact with local village people that I was seeking. Not only was Ali a great guide through all the mountains and villages he knows so well, we all had a lot of fun at the campfire in the evenings exchanging a lot about the different cultures and contrasting experiences we've had growing up in different parts of the world. It was a fantastic introduction to Yemen and they gratefully provided me with fantastic recommendations on places to visit, travel options, precautions, language, customs, etc. that were so helpful in making the rest of my Yemen Adventure such a wonderful experience. When I came back to Sana'a at the end of my trip I was happy when Ali & Abdul-Kareem were available for a short trip to Wadi Dhahr and a farewell dinner which made a nice finish to the trip. I can highly recommend Noman's Tour company to anyone looking to make their Yemen experience something to generate special memories that will last a lifetimein sha allah, ma a salama, Richard






Nick Ledger, York, United Kingdom - Socotra, Sanaà  and daytrip to the North of Yemen in December 2009 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

"I'd wanted to come to Yemen and in particular Socotra for quite some time. It was after reading a recommendation on the Lonely Planet's website that I got in touch with Noman at Yemen Trek. His advice was excellent and he and Mohammed put together a great customised itinerary for me. In the short time I had I managed a trip into the countryside around Sana'a, an afternoon and a couple of evenings in Sana'a itself and 5 days on Socotra. Yemen is fantastic and quite simply the most hospitable, enjoyable country I've visited and Socotra is just stunning. The constant welcome you would receive when recognised as a foreigner can be quite overwhelming sometimes! My only regret of the whole trip is that I didn't see more of mainland Yemen. Not to worry, I'm now planning my next trip with Noman and Mohammed!




Alex Encel, Australia - September 2010 [ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]

I am never sure about testimonials, but I gave Yementrek the benefit of the doubt (Mohammed was prompt on replies, which was a good start).The reality was, they performed far above my expectations. They didn’t just do things competently, they did them with fun and flair. Ali who drove us around had a lot of energy and humour and conveyed a feeling of enjoyment during our tour. My flight out departed Sanaa at 3.30 am so to help fill in time, Mohammed gave me some evening Arabic lessons at my request. About safety: I looked at the statistics and as with most places, the real threats are not terrorists but normal accidents which can happen in what are considered safe places (travelers do more adventurous things). A big risk in many countries is an ordinary traffic accident!

So to summarise: Yemen is overall safe if you travel in the recommended areas,Yementrek were great. Anyone who wants to ring me with questions can do so